Rules of Engagement

I have a few rules about comments on this blog – it is mine after all.

Comments are moderated – abuse, bad language etc will not be tolerated. You won’t even see those comments appear.

Scientific consensus rules. I won’t provided a forum for AIDS denialism or anti-vaccine pseudoscience. Everyone is entitled to their opinions – but they are not entitled to their own version of reality. There are plenty of other places where people are free to say what they want – but again, this is my site, my rules. I won’t have it become a source of misinformation, and I don’t have the time to address every piece of misinformation on a point-by-point basis. If I feel that a comment offers nothing new but simply parrots debunked nonsense, it will be rejected.

On many issues there are no clear-cut answers – I expect a bit of discussion. Even if comments get rejected, that topic may well end up as a future posting.

Call it censorship if you like – I call it “acting in the public interest”. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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